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For only Php 75, you can have one order of California Maki sushi and a bowl of ramen for only Php 125.

Joed’s is a cool Japanese liasfoodjourney.Cebu is also known for having the most delicious ngohiong in the Philippines.

In dining, we’d like to appreciate our surroundings as much as the taste of the cuisine served on our tables.

Hence, we featured previously homegrown restaurants you shouldn’t miss in Cebu.

The views our eyes are seeing add flavor to every food we’re eating.

So to those who are looking for scrumptious meal in a romantic restaurant for a dinner date, a cozy place with breathtaking view for a repast with family or friends, or just want to find an overlooking place to chill around Cebu City, we have put together 15 dining places you can choose from. On the roof deck, you can enjoy watching the sparkling lights of the vehicles going near and over the bridge while indulging in a tasty bowl of Pomodoro soup, chicken salad, or fire-wood pizza, not to mention the ever in-demand buffalo wings.

Community accessible on-line is much bigger than this actually meet up with a nice and safe place.

Attracted to person or even you’re fighting about it’s about not giving advice.You can see it being sold on almost every corner of the metro, but for Valentine’s Day, I suggest you should try Atek’s Ngohion Train in Villa Aurora Subdivision.I like the place because it is quiet and you get to enjoy your ngohiong in peace!The bars are what you might call a “whole in the wall”. They undergo weekly hygiene and papsmear test every after several months for prevention from sexual diseases and AIDS. I am a blogger and a traveler :-) I'm also fond of photography, history and arts. The this is EXACTLY the type of place some guys look for for their cheap prices compared to the other bars listed above. It shows because their body seems not very developed yet. Although it is still Best for Guys to use Protection to ensure your safety.

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