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'We are very strong on the meat here in Namibia,' Helmut says, before telling me about his old life raising animals for wealthy hunters to shoot.The pair even make their own shoes, cobbled together from old tyres and antelope hides.This is the story of Henno Martin's neglected classic is an amazing tale, but even it did not fully ready me for the sheer isolation of desert life, and the differences between a sandy safari and the savannah game viewing that I am accustomed to in east and central Africa.A few wear a single plait which means they are one half of a pair of twins, while the smallest children tend to have shaved heads, although some have special haircuts that indicate they belong to a clan where taking care of goats with small ears is taboo - a tradition that extends to eating their meat.'If you see a teenage girl with strands hanging over her face, it means she has hit puberty and therefore has to hide her face from the men.

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