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The Pazyryk people were part of an Iron Age archaeological culture in the 6th to 3rd centuries BC.

The Pazyryk archaeological culture belongs to the steppe archeological category, which is sometimes named ‘Scythian’.

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An ancient chieftain couple who owned the world's oldest carpets are undergoing their first medical check in 2,200 years to throw new light on their lives as prehistoric Siberian potentates.However, as it turned out, the very next day a couple of other pieces that I’d written were picked up by a couple of the more well known Alternative media site’s which resulted in a deluge of interest in this site.This deluge led to links to three of my articles being left in reply comments on three separate newspaper articles.The newspapers in question were: the Guardian, Daily Express, and the Telegraph.This in turn lead to even more publicity for my website which was added to when David Icke sounded me out for a mention on his website.

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