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It set you apart from your fellow rock stars whom you rightly chided for being weak in both body and mind. And you walked the walk, Henry, not allowing success to go to your head or up your nose like so many other “artists.” At the 1995 Grammys you performed in a tuxedo—but barefoot.As embarrassing as it now seems, I found much of what you wrote back then inspiring. Even Madonna observed that you’d never forgotten your roots. When you started being seen publicly with that loathsome loudmouth Janeane Garofalo (”the Tea Party is racist”), it was already too late.He wouldn't be elevated to the punk icon status he's held for over three decades, let alone the subversive teen idol for a girl entering high school, which is exactly how things worked out.

“You’ve been abusing fishnet stockings for over 30 years and you still don’t know that they aren’t supposed to go on your arms.” “Glenn, you look like an aunt,” Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. “Glenn, you ain’t no goddamned son-of-a-bitch, that’s true. You look like Morticia Adams ate Uncle Fester,” Greg Graffin of Bad Religion said. I thought that guy in the chair was Tommy Wiseau,” Jeffrey Ross said. “‘We Are 138’ is my favorite Misfits song because it’s the same number of people who’ve actually read your awful comic books,” Michael Graves, also once a singer of the Misfits, said.

“Everyone, reach under your chair, there’s a pair of Misfits bunny slippers to match with a Crimson Ghost waffle maker you can buy at the Target across the street,” Fat Mike of NOFX said.

In a fair world, Henry Rollins would be a gym teacher.

The roast master and equally muscular frontman of Black Flag fame, Henry Rollins, led the no-holds-barred dissing match.

The Hard Times was reporting live from the event, and has compiled our favorite wise-cracks of the night by topic (of which there were many).

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