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All porn stars look gorgeous and flawless, but that’s not real life.

All of them have fake boobs, tons of makeup and paintbrush, editing and the sex they put out is pretty much fake.

I did find it funny how the writer/director had the female characters talking candidly about sex and getting drunk, while the male characters were just playing pool and engaging in innocent, mundane conversations.

I doubt a group of men would really throw such a dull bachelor party with no strippers, but it was funny nonetheless.

I'm just a film buff in general, and I don't have much of a bias when I watch films. But during the first 20 minutes or so, even I was thinking, Hmmmm..might be too much of a chick flick for me.

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I always feel that good acting, writing and characters are the three most essential elements to a good film. I'm usually not hesitant to watch "chick flicks." I'm not saying this so that women reading this comment won't want to slap me in the face.Jump in, there's no signup required, you can view live video chat, talk, meet people and make friends in the free chat rooms 24/7.You may enter the chat room as a guest or member login.If some woman made a joke involving a white sale at Bloomingdale's, I probably won't get it.But as the film progressed, I almost fell in love with these characters, and found certain elements that relate to my own situations with my friends.

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